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Women in Tech Revolution is a London founded, global community focused on increasing the representation of women across all emerging technologies. Our professional gender-inclusive network is on a mission to achieve 50:50 gender parity in technology by 2030. 

We want to develop strong female leaders, investors and business owners who are empowered and inspired to play a part in shaping the next 10 years. To achieve our goal, we are building a global ecosystem that provides every ambitious woman with the resources that she needs to succeed in pioneering the technology revolution.

We Inspire Women

Women in Technology Event

 Our internationally acclaimed events showcase inspiring female role models. Together, we are transforming the image of what it means to be  a leader in technology. 

Our keynote speakers are creating  the Industry 4.0 solutions that will disrupt the way we work, live and interact with each other.

Are You A Revolutionary?

 If you would like to be featured at our next event, or to join our speaker network , please complete a speaker application form. 

We Nurture Women

Industry 4.0 Mentorship Programme

The SponserHER mentorship programme connects leaders of the technology revolution with the next generation of leaders across all walks of life. Our cross-generation cross-industry mentoring programme is designed to empower mentees with knowledge, self confidence and a business network that will accelerate her progress in the technology industry. 

We have a dream to inspire every tech-curious woman to join the Industry 4.0 Revolution by providing them with a diverse array of female role models, access to the crucial resources that they need and a mentor for every stage of their career. 

Prospective Mentees


 Are you an ambitious and talented woman who has a great idea about where you want to get to, but need some help along the way?

Meet the women and men sponsoring ambitious and talented women, through our empowering 12 week mentorship programme.


We will ensure that you have the tools you need to make your dreams happen.  Qualifications are irrelevant; what matters to us is your vision, values, strategy, work ethics and your ability to overcome obstacles that you will face. 

Prospective Mentors


We believe that any brilliant woman can work in technology whether her background be in STEM, business or creative arts. 

Our events are transforming the image of what it means to be a woman in tech by colliding women from all walks of life. 

If you believe that all talented and hardworking women can lead in Industry 4.0, apply to become a Women in Tech Revolution mentor today.

We Collide Women

Supper club

 We bring together the best talent over dinners at our bi-monthly London Secret Dinner Club #LDNSDC. 

Our invite-only dinners connect business owners, investors, rising stars and high profile leaders across organisations to share stories and network over a 3 course, all-inclusive dinner with a special guest speaker.

Our Partners


Do you have a partnership idea?

Are you an organisation looking to partner on an inspiring leadership event, or would you like to share your message directly with our community of talented women of the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

If you have an idea on how we might work together, let us know. We love innovative ideas on how we can make change happen together. 

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